Happy Thanksgiving

The weather is gorgeous and Thanksgiving is here!  Wishing you all the best weekend and some special quality time with your friends and family!  It is such a wonderful tradition, taking in Autumn, eating and most of all appreciating your loved ones and the goodness in our lives.  I am so very thankful for the family […]

Pumpkin Brownies

Hi!!!  Remember me!?  I know it has been a while and things just got a little busy!  Mostly summer days and life of free and easy interfering with my daily routine.  I am still here and been cooking and baking as always!  Thank you for those who have been following me, using my recipes and […]

Friday Things

Summer is here! Life is good!  Weather is spectacular and our days our free and easy!  Summer is such a wonderful thing!  My keyboard is broken so writing takes double the time to type and therefore lessening my email responses and shortening my messages. I am not motivated to find the time to blog as much […]

Our Canada Day

Our family lives for weekends and especially long weekends, we get away as much as we can escaping the city and this so-called concrete jungle.  However, this Canada Day landed mid-week on a Wednesday and there was no plan to go away or even try to make it a long weekend so we were city […]

Sausage Rapini Tomato Soup

Aw summer time has made it’s appearance and the long frigid winter has quickly been forgotten as friendly strangers and hibernating neighbours reappear to greet each other and the warm weather.  It is surely a different place in Canada once the snow thaws!  Spring blossomed beautifully and suddenly we are hit with the humidity followed by […]

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