A Very Special Place

What a night

I have been visiting this Very Special Place for many years now, creating unforgettable memories with my family. My friend Mandy’s dad Richard, owns this charming B&B, called Lynedoch Lyceum.  It is loaded with character and nestled in a beautiful country community.  It has plenty of space for my boy’s to run free and escape the city boundaries and rules. It is an old school from 1881 and one of our favourite weekend get away’s.  I have explored a lot of small towns and areas outside of Toronto, growing up with parents who loved taking trips to different places outside of the city. Most often we would venture North and then started moving East and West once our hockey life began. We definitely have been around, but never to this South Westerly town near Delhi.  I know, right!? Delhi? And it is pronounced Del Hi.

Hanging Around

Driving here, you would have no idea where you were going?  Zig zagging through different farms that all look the same and then through Tobacco country.  It really is disorienting and as you get closer, the homes become more and more historic looking, the trees more lush and the lawns and gardens immaculate and pristine.  It almost feels like a rainforest with the amount of  thick, dense greenery and it is stunning! I have yet to visit in the winter, but Spring, Summer and Autumn are all gorgeous.

The Fort

The area is called Norfolk County and it attracts many visitors, known for its beaches, wineries, hiking, camping and cycling.  A couple of years ago, I stayed here during the very popular Le Tour de Norfolk and did a ride with Mandy.  This Annual summer event attracts cyclists from all over and you can do up to a 160 km ride.  Some serious cycling!  During this ride, the B&B was packed with cyclists! We had a wine and cheese and then a delicious catered dinner with the group, it was such a nice evening and great way to end the day after our big 40 km ride, in which we ended up taking a short cut to get home quicker 😉


As you can see by the photos, there is ample space and plenty of rooms!  We love going with other families so we can just relax and spend some quality, fun time together.  The boys love all the grass and they are constantly playing soccer, baseball, cricket, frisbee, manhunt or making up games or forts in the forest.  Their imagination goes wild and they do what they adore. There is a river nearby so we always venture down and stroll along the riverbank, where we often see fishermen trying to catch trout.

Camp fire

Best of all the kids are so free here!  It is so nice for them to experience this type of freedom!  As you can see the parents can also relax and let their little ones ‘just be’.  Richard makes our visits so special with his playful way, wisdom, story telling and carefree mannerism.  We truly feel at home here! He is very social, humorous and wise so it is great to sit back and chat with him, watch him play with the kids or show off some of his ping-pong skills.  We cook up a feast in the large communal kitchen, play all day long or if it is hot we head to the beach at Turkey Point or Long Point. It is so nice to soak in the crystal clear waters of Lake Erie, or just happy to sit back and take in the country atmosphere and meet friendly characters.

To end the day, Richard makes a big fire for all of us to enjoy.  Who doesn’t love a good campfire with marshmallows, stories, pow wow’s, stargazing and a good game of Werewolf!  Thank you so much Mandy and Serg for introducing us to this Very Special Place of yours and to Richard for your warmth, kindness and amazing hospitality over the years at Lynedoch Lyceum.

Please check out his website and feel free to contact him for accommodation, retreats, events or just to escape the city and enjoy some good ole fashion country living in this gorgeous, natural setting.




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