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Welcome to Munch Rat!  My name is Miki and I love to cook, share, eat and celebrate!   I started taking photographs of some of my meals and realized how much pleasure I got from taking these photos and looking at them online.  It’s all food art to me and therefore enlightening and inspirational!  I decided to start this food blog journey to consolidate my recipes, share my food passion and adventures, but mainly do what I am crazy about.

I have a background in IT, Marketing, Desktop Publishing and Design which helps along with this whole process.  And other than being in the kitchen, I love being outdoors. I need to be active and my zen is running, its my uninterrupted, no distractions ‘me time.’  It completely balances me, empowers me, makes me feel invincible and of course sleep well and eat well!

I am a proud mom of 2 extremely active little boys and the wife of a husband that shares my passion for food and adventures, we are still working on the ‘running part.’

The name ‘Munch Rat’ comes from my backpacking days with my best friend Brett, whom I am now married to.  We spent our travelling days exploring different lands, cultures and food!  Our munch tour together began almost 20 years ago and at least 30 different countries later and with an additional 2 more in our family, we are still Munch Rats!

Like a pregnant woman but not, I often have insistent cravings.  Cheese and crackers is the constant!  My other cravings are usually triggered by a memory, cookbook,  magazine or watching a food show.  Japanese food is my specialty, but I cook a variety of international foods and do my best to replicate these dishes while keeping it fresh and authentic as possible.

We don’t travel that much anymore, but always searching for great food! I try to bring different countries to our table and continue our travels through food.  I want to  teach our boys about different cuisines and hope to widen their palettes, but mostly open their minds.  Our 7-year-old has been using all sorts of chilli sauce and wasabi for years now and it still surprises me when I see him chomping on a crispy, fried fish tale.   However, very proudly I do think to myself  ‘that’s my boy.”

I am an everyday mom who does her best to cook homemade food!  I want my boys to eat well and try not to restrict them from too much.  It’s important to me that I teach them about balance, being active and to also appreciate what they get on their plates whatever it is.  I try to keep our meals  healthy and nutritional,  but also not afraid to indulge on good old comfort foods.

We celebrate our life everyday and food is a part of our journey.  Hope this site fills you with inspiration, entertainment, enjoyment and happy bellies.

Let the munch tour begin!



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