Pumpkin Brownies

Hi!!!  Remember me!?  I know it has been a while and things just got a little busy!  Mostly summer days and life of free and easy interfering with my daily routine.  I am still here and been cooking and baking as always!  Thank you for those who have been following me, using my recipes and […]

Running Australia

It has been a while since I last posted and I was having some difficulty getting back into it!  So much on my mind, so much to write about, so much I want to remember and capture! And so much to cook and do!  My ‘To Do List’ is ginormous and I guess it’s all part […]

Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

Valentine’s Day is here!  It is a Saturday and I am sure the restaurants are booking up with dinner reservations for the celebratory eve of love!  Yes it is a bit cheesy, but it comes and goes once a year!  Put on your best pink and red, have high expectations of your partner and hope […]

Holiday Appetizer Round-Up

The holiday rush is on and it is almost Christmas!  Bustling around, organizing, buying last-minute gifts, entertaining, stocking up on food and drink and busy planning parties and dinners?  It is such a festive time with friends and family, but it can also be pretty stressful until Christmas day when all can finally relax after […]

Skor Brown Sugar Cookies

This is an OMG cookie!  It is so darn good!  I have been making them for the last 2 weeks, testing them.  Using Chocolate Chips. white chocolate chips and finally Skor Toffee Bits and each are so YUM! They have never gone wrong and really sweet, buttery and delicious!  I hope you like them as […]

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