Our Canada Day

Our family lives for weekends and especially long weekends, we get away as much as we can escaping the city and this so-called concrete jungle.  However, this Canada Day landed mid-week on a Wednesday and there was no plan to go away or even try to make it a long weekend so we were city […]

Friday Post Mexican

I have been a little preoccupied watching Homeland lately and if there is anyone out there into this series, you would know how addictive and good it is.  I just finished Season Three and I am now feeling shocked and a little lost?  We have been pretty busy and I slept in till 8:10 am […]

A Very Special Place

I have been visiting this Very Special Place for many years now, creating unforgettable memories with my family. My friend Mandy’s dad Richard, owns this charming B&B, called Lynedoch Lyceum.  It is loaded with character and nestled in a beautiful country community.  It has plenty of space for my boy’s to run free and escape the city boundaries […]

My Japanese Pantry

I know I have been pretty quiet as of late.  And it is really nice when some of you notice, I thank you for that!  It gives me the motivation to continue writing and also happy that I am being read or even glanced at time to time.  I love cooking and sharing, but sometimes […]

Running Australia

It has been a while since I last posted and I was having some difficulty getting back into it!  So much on my mind, so much to write about, so much I want to remember and capture! And so much to cook and do!  My ‘To Do List’ is ginormous and I guess it’s all part […]

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