A Very Special Place

I have been visiting this Very Special Place for many years now, creating unforgettable memories with my family. My friend Mandy’s dad Richard, owns this charming B&B, called Lynedoch Lyceum.  It is loaded with character and nestled in a beautiful country community.  It has plenty of space for my boy’s to run free and escape the city boundaries […]

Running Australia

It has been a while since I last posted and I was having some difficulty getting back into it!  So much on my mind, so much to write about, so much I want to remember and capture! And so much to cook and do!  My ‘To Do List’ is ginormous and I guess it’s all part […]

Catalyst Week Downtown Las Vegas

I was fortunate enough to attend Catalyst Week in Las Vegas for a 3 day workshop on The Evolution of Business Models, this event was hosted by Catalyst Creativ and Co-Curated by Creative Niche.  The intention of Catalyst Week is to bring ‘influencers and changemakers’ from all over the world, building a community, sharing brands, making connections and mainly to learn […]

Nicaragua 2012

Nicaragua is a beautiful country and we fell in love with its diversity, culture and people.  We traveled on unpaved and sometimes pretty rough roads that led us to incredible, stunning locations.  Most of the beaches were untouched with great surf and the volcano island – Isle de Ometepe was lush, tropical, mysterious and serene. […]

Farewell Nicaragua and 2014

Instead of a food review of my year, I have what’s fresh in my mind.  Our holiday to Nicaragua is what is current and still effortlessly remembered.  We have been home for only 2 days and our trip memories are fading away. It was such a sad departure for us all and difficult to leave […]

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