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I have been a little preoccupied watching Homeland lately and if there is anyone out there into this series, you would know how addictive and good it is.  I just finished Season Three and I am now feeling shocked and a little lost?  We have been pretty busy and I slept in till 8:10 am the other day on a school morning! We still made it, however I am constantly reminded by my youngest that he saved the day, because if it wasn’t for him, we would have been late for school.  Not sure what happened to my alarm, but hey I had a great sleep and apparently slept through a lot of rain?

Summer ReadyIt has been raining a lot at night and then the sun has been dazzling about allowing our grass to green and flowers bloom!  The air is beautiful and it is such a great time of year.  Our gardener aka hubby has been hard at it, weeding, raking, mowing and zenning out in the garden and backyard.  He loves it and great at it!  It’s summer deck time, unfortunately we have the worst luck and it rains every time we organize a BBQ and scarred by all the work involved in bringing everything inside and having to host indoors. For now, our little family takes advantage of eating in our outdoor dining area as much as we can.

The Boys

The school year is almost over and I am certainly ready for a break in the everyday routine! I know that the boys can’t wait, how good is that last day of school when the summer holidays start!  Kids breaking out and so excited to be done, blissful yet bittersweet as it is the end of another school year. It will be nice to have sleep-ins, big brekkies and a ton of outdoor time!  The Great Canadian summer is my favourite time and we are ready to embrace it!  For now the countdown is on and for my guys, they have 5 more days left!

I wanted to share with you some Mexican inspired recipes in theme of the warmer months ahead! Wash it down with a cold corona or delicious tequila! It is fiesta time!  There is nothing like fresh guacamole, spicy flavours and zingy chicken! I have yet to write about my guacamole, but it will come soon!  It is so simple and delicious that I have never thought about blogging it.

Happy Friday to all and may your summer days be full of freedom, play, outdoor fun, lake time, 

adventures, new friends and lasting memories!  Enjoy the last few days of school!

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