Sweet Summer Friday

Snack hour

Summer is such an amazing time of year and the warm weather and sunshine lifts everyone’s spirits and brings people ‘out and about.’ Wide smiles are spread across everyone’s bronzed or sun burnt faces. The air is warm and there is just something about it!  Bonezo and I went for a stairs/hills, sprint/race, jump/dance, push-up/planks kind of walk/run!  It was so good!!!  My 8-year-old had a nap today so I wanted to get him out near sunset to burn off some extra energy after his soccer game.  He giggles away, but competitively almost kicks my butt, almost. We came across a boot camp, Aussie rules players, stick sword fighters, dog walkers, runners, beer drinkers and many more!  All happy to be out and enjoying a beautiful summer evening.

Candlelit lanterns floating away

So much tasty food, fresh fruit and salads!  Loving the packed al fresco cafes and patios, World Cup buzz, the smell of bbq’s and taking advantage of the ice cream trucks after soccer games. Summer has always been my best memories whether it has been away camping, overseas, at camp or the simple local stuff like the sound of the knife sharpening bell, ice cream, bbq’s and just playing outside till after dark. We met a couple around a communal campfire at the cottages we were visiting and just after our introductions, our new friend ‘Dennis the menace’ disappeared and seconds later he was setting off fireworks!  What a great surprise and to top it off, they brought Chinese Lanterns!  Something I have always wanted to see, but to watch these candlelit beauties float off into a calm, starry night by the lake was truly magical.  Thank you Dennis!

What a spread

Summer brings out the best in everyone and we try to live outdoors as much as we can. Nature really nurtures the soul and it feels great to just be by the lake, watching sunsets, sitting by the fire and best of all spending it with good friends.  Friendships build and new connections are made, it is such a special time, just being out of the normal routine, a little less ordinary, freer and a time for kids to try new things and gain confidence by challenging themselves and being exposed to different people, environments and ways.

I just LOVE summer!  Look at the excited little faces watching the firework show and then poor Bount’s face, he isn’t the biggest fan of fireworks yet, but he has come a long way.


We have been so lucky to have some cottage fun and even at rainy moments, so nice to hang inside, play board games, do aerobics, have dance parties, or in my case cook or bake!  Here I have two great helpers who made all the pizza rolls for lunch!  I demonstrated one roll and they took over and happily made about 40 in total.  These disappeared in no time and it was a great activity and tasty lunch for all.  For the recipe click on Pizza Rolls.

May your sweet summer days continue and be filled with new adventures, new and old friends, laughter, the great outdoors and delicious food!  It goes by way to quickly so take advantage of it because before we know it, the Toronto Exhibition will be opening up and signifying the start to the end of the summer.

 Goofing around

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