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Summer is here! Life is good!  Weather is spectacular and our days our free and easy!  Summer is such a wonderful thing!  My keyboard is broken so writing takes double the time to type and therefore lessening my email responses and shortening my messages. I am not motivated to find the time to blog as much as I would like also due to the great weather.  I am literally cutting and pasting the keys that don’t work. Just adding it to the growing list of things we need to buy!  I am finally caught up after a week away in Nicaragua, it was a short and busy trip!  So good to be back there again!

nicaragua Sunset

The first week of summer holidays is always the same, the boys are lost.  What do we do?  What can we play?  We are bored? Can we have a play date!  Constantly searching for guided activity!  It is annoying, but after a while, they find their place, we are still screenless as well.  They realize that they don’t need to be told what to do, play or think.  Being home is not school, they have their freedom and can do as they please.  Mainly to find their own games, using their own imagination and just doing what they feel.  There is no structure in my home in the summer, time schedule, or routine and hardly any planned commitments.  It is just the way I like it!

Water Bullets

They have finally found their groove, Bones is reading Lord of the Flies, Bountin went on a mad water balloon making session!  We have yet to use them as he just loves to create and complete things!  This bucket is now full of pretty ammunition and we are ready for our first family water balloon fight! Get ready!  The boys really don’t want to go far?  Happy going to the park, playing baseball, frisbee and soccer! It was fun until I threw the hardball a little too hard at Bones and it hit his nose and let’s just say it was pretty sore for a while.

Deep in thought

I love Shirts Off!  I encourage the boys to take it off as much as possible in our 30 plus degrees temperature!  I probably grew up in the only Japanese Canadian family that had a dad that wet shirtless everywhere and got in trouble for it!  He still loves taking his shirt off whenever he can. Bones has hit an age where he is a little shy about it, however when one does it, they all join in.


I think we have had most of our dinners home outside and I love it so much!  We haven’t used our dining room table in months!  It is so nice eating casually and even better with good friends!

OK OK Blue Jays

Pops is crazy about the Toronto Blue Jays and we went to our first family game of the year!  We were way up in the 500’s, but hey we were in the fifth row 😉  The Blue Jays are having a great year and we hope they continue to play well this season!  Would be nice for a big Win!


It has been a great week chilling, especially after a hectic week of carting them around from place to place!  It was exhausting for the boys.  I caught my Bountin sitting on the gravity chair (that we all fight over) just relaxing and staring at the sky.  I asked him what he was doing and he said just looking at the birds!  Music to my ears!  To let them roam, learn how to relax and take it all in!  Our boys are programmed to be on the go and full of activities so I love this kind of connection they make with nature and themselves.

Just         love       summer!!!    

Hope you are enjoying yours and making the most of it! xo


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