Our Australia

The holiday comedown has begun now that we are almost over our jet-lag, although it hit my husband on the plane even before it departed.  It has been a week of strange sleeping and eating patterns, after all there is a 16 hour time difference.  The boys weren’t hungry for the first few days and we were eating about 1 meal a day and watching movies at all hours.  A glass of wine made my body feel like lead and I felt like I couldn’t move and would start having ‘nanny naps’ all over the house.  Just when I thought that I was over it, I slept in today and had the school and hubby calling worried about the kids.  We were all sleeping!  It sure doesn’t help when the weather is -30 outside with the windchill, unfathomable for some of you isn’t!?

Just wanted to post some photos of our trip Downunder!  We visited Sydney, Shellharbour, Jamberoo and Lake Conjola this trip.  It makes me homesick looking at the beautiful country, turquoise waters, radiant sunshine, delicious food, friends and family.  We had an amazing trip and kept extremely active!  How could you not with the perfect weather and all the natural amenities surrounding you.

Australia is truly a land of sunshine, surrounded by beauty and friendly people who talk funny English!  In Shellharbour, a small town about 1 1/2hrs down the coast from Sydney, most people said g’day on my runs and it wasn’t the awkward, shy hello you get here, but a straight in the eye ‘no muckin around’ kind of greeting.  Or an Aussie gesture, a quick neck twitch to the side or a pointed finger often with a clicking sound!  Yup that is it! Which ever way? It is genuine and friendly, but my favourites are the G’day love or G’day darlin!  it’s just gotta make you smile!  They are the happiest people I have seen and its amazing how easy-going and cheery everyone is!  After my numerous visits to Australia, it still blows me away!

I guess the air is fresh, the sun was shining, the skies were clear blue and the water a sparkling turquoise, the beer is poured cold and the local bread, produce and seafood is fresh and delish!  Santa arrived on a boat at the surf club to give out lollies to all the kiddies!  Most often, families leave Santa a beer and biscuits on Christmas Eve,  I guess if you are good to Santa, Santa is good to you!

We are missing our friends and family and so grateful for such an amazing trip!  It a long journey to get there, but we hope that you get to experience Australia one day! Aussies are great and it is an incredible place to visit!  Love ya Straya! xx

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