Our Canada Day

Canada Day Cruise

Our family lives for weekends and especially long weekends, we get away as much as we can escaping the city and this so-called concrete jungle.  However, this Canada Day landed mid-week on a Wednesday and there was no plan to go away or even try to make it a long weekend so we were city bound and happy about it.  Our life has also been a little difficult to plan at the moment due to Brett’s work schedule so we were just going to play it by ear and wing it! We were content to just relax at home and enjoy the holiday. Although, it was wonderful when our friends invited us to spend the day together on Toronto Centre Island.

Love Toronto

Looking at Toronto from this perspective really makes you appreciate it and makes you feel so fortunate to live in this incredible city! Centre Island is definitely one of our favourite places and we love coming here.  Being on the lake, the boat ride over, the kayakers, the sailors, the bikers, the bladers and the beach bums. The city is filled with outdoor people taking advantage of what is right at their doorstep, Lake Ontario. It really feels like you are in a different place!  There is such a special vibe and everyone is active, riding bikes, running, playing catch or frisbee and we joined in on all the sports.  Not to forget all the Fun in the sun and dudes and nudes! The kids were able to explore the beaches and got more than they were expecting on the optional clothing beach!

Canada Day Girl

Well there were definitely some characters floating around on Canada Day, proudly wearing their patriotic red and whites!  Or barely wearing…This women was strutting around with her camera crew of one and assistant posing and hoping to get the ‘money shot’ as a potential sunshine girl. Best of luck to her!  According to her she didn’t need it and was confident that she was going to win!

Coy Boys

Our coy boys!  Had to have their arms twisted to have their photo taken with her!  They all seem pretty happy about it to me!


For a last-minute picnic, we sure did whip up some good food. Love eating in the outdoors and hanging out with good friends!  It is so nice when things are so simple, come together so nicely and everyone is happy and having a great time!  We were loaded with food, drinks, snacks, baseball gloves, knives and slingshots!  What!?  Yes we even had some extracurricular activities happening thanks to our friend, Jonny.


And it wasn’t just for the kids!


Our gang didn’t have any red and whites, but loved all the patriotism that surrounded us.  Next year, we will be more prepared!

Canada Day

This guy was my favourite and I would like to crown him the Winner of Mr. Canada Day 2015!  What a character, he even had a red nail painted and those shoes!  It was a great outfit and he was having a great time!  Thank you for all the friendly people and Happy Canada Day greetings!  Love the Canadian spirit and a little surprised by all the pride and good cheer!  It was so nice to be among the celebration in the city for once!

Mr. Canada Day

It was the perfect day!  It never rained, the sun came out and it turned into the most beautiful afternoon and evening!  So good to sit back and appreciate your country, Canada’s beauty, freedom, people and multiculturalism.  So many things we take for granted, but even for a moment to really understand how lucky we are!  Born in Canada to one Japanese parent, I am truly grateful for the diverse life I have had and now for my boys to share the similar experience.  There is something truly unique about this country and the opportunities are endless. The nomad and adventure seeker in me has always led me astray taking me to different places and living abroad for many many years, but I am always so happy to come back home and especially to this special city, Toronto.  The people make it home!


We are so incredibly grateful for the friends in our life who are like family, and adored by my boys and by us. We love so many and equally feel loved.  The memories we are creating are so unique and we are so blessed!  Thank you to my friends who organized this amazing day and were part of all the fun! We started at 10:30 in the morning and we spontaneously extended our day, ordered sushi, picked up treats galore for the kids and almost lasted till 10:00 pm at night! To top our magical day, the Tragically Hip was playing, the moon was beaming and it was the perfect finish to Our Canada Day! Happy Canada Week!

The Hip


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