Outdoor Living

Outdoor living, for 10 days!!!  Well, not completely outdoors as we are sleeping in a pretty comfortable tent trailer, but it is pretty much the next closest thing!  I had two people say to me today, ‘Good for you, however I certainly couldn’t do it.‘  Here we are, canoe on board, bikes on the back, […]

Sourdough Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

Hi!  This post is so fresh that I still have garlic breath, Hiii!!! I have been wanting to write about this for a while and here it is to share with you all! Sourdough Cheese Pull-Apart Bread!  It tastes better than it looks and that is hard to fathom!?  It is TRUE though!  Also known as […]

Baked Salmon with Miso Dressing

There are a few things about living in Japan for 2 years  that surprised me about the culture.  Firstly, the amount of beer that they consume and secondly their love of maiyo neizu, mayonnaise.  Japanese mayonnaise probably comes second to soy sauce in the condiment department and that was a shock to me!  However, after […]

Maple Syrup miso grilled salmon with Pineapple salsa

Its mid-October and the boys are still in shorts! I think there is some unwritten rule somewhere in Canada that says ‘No Shorts’ after September no mater what the temperature is?  They get a lot of looks!  Myself on the other hand, am pretty rugged up and I still feel the cool fall wind at […]

Barbeque chicken legs wrapped in bacon

We had our first camping trip of the season and all 5 families still showed up despite the 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms on the forecast.  And when it wasn’t raining the mosquito’s were atrocious, what a bunch of troopers we were!  The wet weather may have dampened our sites, but not our spirits […]

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