Bolognese Sauce

So I have found it!  The BEST Bolognese Sauce that I have ever had!  I have been making Spaghetti Bolognese for decades!  It was probably one of the first things that I learned to cook!  And it is one of those dishes that I make regularly and put very little thought into how to make […]

Chinese New Year 2015

Gung Hay Fat Choy! I actually don’t have any red clothing so here I am rocking the maroon!  According to Chinese traditions, wearing red brings luck.  We all need a little bit of that so this is as close as I got while busy cooking up some of our favourite Chinese dishes.  I have only […]

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Friday to all!  Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated this weekend with festivals, music, Mexican food and plenty of tequila.   Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture, falls on a Monday this year so I am sure the festivities have already begun and will continue throughout the weekend!  Here are some […]

Beijing Beef

It goes like this, Beijing Beef and steaming HOT white rice!  It goes hand-hand.  Mouth-watering, eyes popping out, stomach gurgling and ready to plunge in!  This spicy, sweet and crispy Asian dish is delicious!  Just like in the Chinese restaurants, but better of course because its made at home!  It is easy, it is incredibly […]

Japanese Curry Rice (karē raisu)

I remember walking into the house as a child after school, and smelling the delicious aroma of Japanese Curry or karē raisu.  It is the best smell in the world and brings back so many good memories.  It was a regular meal in our home and we all loved it and never tired of it.  Today, life repeats […]

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