Chocolate Cake

By far, the Best Homemade Chocolate Cake recipe that I have ever made!  I used to suck at making spongy homemade cakes, I really tried!  Recipe after recipe, the cake out dense or flat, I could never get it right so I stuck with good ole Duncan Hines.  I mean there is a lot at stake […]

Sausage Rolls

It is definitely comfort food time of year here in Toronto!  I have checked the weather forecast over and over again and it will be a nasty -18 with the windchill today!  I was really hoping to head out for a run as I missed out on my redemption Monday run.  Just too slushy out and […]

m&m Oatmeal Cookies

School is in full swing now and it is officially Autumn tomorrow so the perfect time to start baking! Bake sales are occurring and I thought that these m&m Oatmeal cookies would be the perfect cookie to sell and raise funds for the school.  Not only are they pretty, they are so appealing to kids […]

Chocolate Covered Banana Cake with Strawberries

This is one of my favourite special occasion cakes!  I have made it for Easter, Birthday’s and Father’s day and will continue for other celebrations because it is so darn good!  And it is a banana cake so its kind of healthy? 😉  It looks beautiful and tastes amazing so it is perfect for a […]

Triple Layer Brownie Cake

Our ‘not so little baby’ has turned 6 years old!!!  Because it was a school night, we just invited a couple of his friends over for dinner, cake and a movie party.  And ALL he requested for dinner was Sushi, Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) and Chocolate Brownie Cake!!!  Sure, No sweat!!!?  It was a -9 C with […]

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