Healthy Banana Bread

This is the BEST healthy Banana Bread that I have ever had!  And I have tried and tested a lot!  Made up of all natural, clean ingredients and it is sweet!  I even enjoy it more than my buttery Banana bread because of the taste, it stays moist for days and the end result is always good! I am truly […]

Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

Hi!!!  Yes I am still obsessing about coconuts and oats!  I just can’t help it and when I came across this recipe, it had my mouth-watering and pretty much dropped everything I was doing to make these.  They are as GOOD as they look and the Coconut Oat LOVE affair continues! Maybe I should solely focus […]

Buttermilk Pancakes

So we had a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off kind of day!  So much Fun!  School is coming to an end and there was nothing more that my dad wanted to do then take the boys to the ball game! Bones had his last test so I didn’t mind them skipping school and we headed down […]

No-Bake Cocoa Energy Bites

These are the perfect after-school healthy homemade snack or kitchen activity for your kiddies.  I have always been a big fan of making as much as I can from scratch and believe that natural and fresh food is so tasty and healthy.  I try to refrain from buying packaged snacks as much as possible so these energy […]

Banana Pineapple Overnight Oats

Today is one of those days that has felt long for me.  Which is a rare occurrence!  I am thoroughly enjoying it as I am used to running around and before I know it the day is done.  Dinner tonight is Pupusas!  I was craving something different, but wanted to work with what I had […]

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