Crisp Chocolate Bites

Slightly overjoyed today!  It’s Monday, it’s raining and I am home all alone!  Sounds so sad, but I am over the moon! We have been tip toeing around the house for 2 weeks now, with Pops sleeping in the basement and Brett sleeping upstairs during the days due to his current night shift. It has […]

Valentine’s Day Sweets

 Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! Valentine’s Day is almost here!  The boys are shy and my eldest didn’t even want to do anything this year as he thinks he is getting too old!  He just turned 9!  However, off he went to school with V cards for each of his classmates! It is a cheesy holiday, […]

Skor Brown Sugar Cookies

This is an OMG cookie!  It is so darn good!  I have been making them for the last 2 weeks, testing them.  Using Chocolate Chips. white chocolate chips and finally Skor Toffee Bits and each are so YUM! They have never gone wrong and really sweet, buttery and delicious!  I hope you like them as […]

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

I have been baking lately!  A lot!  Testing and sharing my goods!  I have had some extra time on my hands as I haven’t been feeling myself, just slightly under the weather. And for me that is a little serious when I am not running or drinking red wine.  Just enough to slow me down, […]

Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Yum, double chocolate, triple yum and incredibly simple!  With only 6 ingredients!  These are my latest find, everybody loves them!  They are so delicious and highly addictive!  When I found this recipe, I couldn’t believe how simple it looked.  No butter, no oil, no flour, no baking power or baking soda?  That means no room for […]

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