Healthy Banana Bread

This is the BEST healthy Banana Bread that I have ever had!  And I have tried and tested a lot!  Made up of all natural, clean ingredients and it is sweet!  I even enjoy it more than my buttery Banana bread because of the taste, it stays moist for days and the end result is always good! I am truly […]

Baked Plantain Chips

Doesn’t this feel so tropical and summery!?  Well it sure isn’t that way here, however dreaming about our holiday and remembering all the delicious local and fresh food we ate.  This was one of them, ‘Plantain Chips.’  We had it at a restaurant with Ceviche and I was so impressed!  While visiting Nicaragua, I have […]

Cauliflower Fried Rice

LOOK carefully!  This is NOT actually RICE!  And hard to believe that I am creating a dish with the word ‘Rice’ in it without actually using the ingredient!  I am known as a bit of a ‘Rice Queen’ and if there is any rice around?  I can sushi it, casserole it, make crunchy rice pancakes with […]

Pavlova with Cherries

This popular dessert, makes an appearance quite often at our family gatherings in summers back in Australia.  Nan and Auntie Pat are big fans of Pavlova so they serve it during special occasions and we get to indulge in this lovely dessert.  It is now winter in Australia and our family and friends seem to be making […]

Buffalo Cauliflower Chicken Bake

Hot sauce is a pretty popular condiment in our home and we are ALL fans including my little monkey’s. We have Sriracha, Tabasco, Lizano, Venom and good old Frank’s Red Hot.  They all have different flavours and we use each for different dishes, yes we are an unusual bunch!    Frank’s Red Hot has a […]

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