Pelion-Style Greek Salad

COLOUR!!!  Neeeeeed colour!   It was such a grey, drab and WINDY day!  It’s the day after Halloween and there are decorations blowing all over the place! With all those tempting, sweet treats lying around the house by the bag full after two trick or treat sessions, it was time to make up a good, healthy, colourful […]

Halloween Camping Weekend

Whaaaat!!!?? who CAMPS at Halloween???  We DO!!!  and Guess What!? there were 12 families this year that joined us!!!  That is almost 50 of us in total including the kids, this was our Fourth Annual trip and our group has doubled in size from the first year!  It was cold, 2 degrees at lowest, it rained, […]

Cake Pops

I had a date set with the “Cake Pop Cupcake Queen” and I have been SO excited!  I call her that because the first time I met her she brought along the most impressive, homemade selection of cake pops and cupcakes to one of our get-together’s.  First impressions make a lasting one!   I have been wanting […]

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