Sushi Making Class

Recently a friend of mine asked me to teach her and her friends how to make Sushi on their girls night out.  I have had this request before and have done this in the past from time to time, for a business group, with friends and even to a kindergarten class.  It is a lot […]

My Japanese Pantry

I know I have been pretty quiet as of late.  And it is really nice when some of you notice, I thank you for that!  It gives me the motivation to continue writing and also happy that I am being read or even glanced at time to time.  I love cooking and sharing, but sometimes […]

Inarizushi (Sushi Rice Balls in Deep-fried Tofu Pouches)

Today I am excited to share with you an Inarizushi recipe and this post is dedicated to our little soccer champ, Bunny!  My grandmother used to have an abundant of these at every family gathering! They were always perfect tasting and perfect looking!  I don’t know how she ever did it, always consistent! She was tough and […]

Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

Valentine’s Day is here!  It is a Saturday and I am sure the restaurants are booking up with dinner reservations for the celebratory eve of love!  Yes it is a bit cheesy, but it comes and goes once a year!  Put on your best pink and red, have high expectations of your partner and hope […]

Japanese Pizza (Okonomiyaki)

I am finally sharing with you one of my favourite Japanese dishes, Okonomiyaki!  Okonomi means “what you like” and yaki means “grill” or “cook” in Japanese.  It is a savory pancake that is basically made up of cabbage, a potato flour and water mixture binding it together and egg, also known as “Japanese Pizza.” The […]

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