Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

The post long weekend morning is here!  And it is a tired one for many of us I am sure!  Coffee in hand and lots of recaps of fun events over the last few days!  Hope everyone had a great Victoria Day holiday in Canada! It has always marked the start of summer nearing and […]

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

It’s all about the kiddies today!!!  Kinda sorta!? I haven’t had a rainy day baking day in eons!  And even though it didn’t start raining till late afternoon, that is all I felt like doing.  It has been very therapeutic and nice to just stay in, listen to music and BAKE! I never thought that […]

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday and great start to the week!  These muffins are HEALTHY!  I know it is so hard to believe, but my little munchkins just gobble them up! Made with whole wheat flour, filled with cocoa and zucchini, no butter or oil and the amount of chocolate chips you add […]

Banana Pineapple Flax seed Muffins

What else is there to talk about?  But the amount of snow we have had this winter!  A LOT!  And if it was around Christmas, it would truly be a winter wonderland!  It is beautiful!  However, we are into February and most people are over it, especially the cold!  We haven’t been above -10 with wind chills in the teens […]

Banana Muffins

When it rains, I bake!  Or when I have a lot of bruising bananas that need to be used, in this case it was both.  It was inevitable that I was going to bake and Bananas were the key ingredient. I wish that you could smell my house.  Our little zooppy almost tripped into the […]

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