Sausage Rolls

It is definitely comfort food time of year here in Toronto!  I have checked the weather forecast over and over again and it will be a nasty -18 with the windchill today!  I was really hoping to head out for a run as I missed out on my redemption Monday run.  Just too slushy out and […]

Martabak (Indian Savoury Pancake)

Sometimes I just think that there is something seriously wrong with me!?  I just can’t wait to tell the boys that we are having Martabak for dinner!  And I whisper it to Bones who doesn’t understand why I am whispering in front of everyone, but I am so excited and embarrassed at the same time. […]

Chilean Empanadas

How is it that I keep meeting the most amazing people?  Big-hearted genuine REAL people!  At this point in my life, I am so lucky to already be surrounded by so many great friends, friends for life and don’t expect to find new friends easily nor am I searching.  I almost feel like I have […]

Pork Tourtière

My hubby has been craving Aussie sausage rolls for a while so I was all set to make it for him, had the puff pastry thawing and the pork mince all ready, but my Canadian roots took over and a bit of laziness and decided on Tourtière.  This is a meat pie that originates from Quebec […]

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