Bolognese Sauce

So I have found it!  The BEST Bolognese Sauce that I have ever had!  I have been making Spaghetti Bolognese for decades!  It was probably one of the first things that I learned to cook!  And it is one of those dishes that I make regularly and put very little thought into how to make […]

Sausage Rolls

It is definitely comfort food time of year here in Toronto!  I have checked the weather forecast over and over again and it will be a nasty -18 with the windchill today!  I was really hoping to head out for a run as I missed out on my redemption Monday run.  Just too slushy out and […]

Chinese Spicy Deep Fried Pork

There is just something about September! Oh how I love September!  It is an ‘in between month,’ still mainly summer and the start of fall!  The days are definitely shorter, but warm, crisp and fresh! Breath in that air!  It’s a bit cool, but perfect under the radiant sunshine and vibrant blue skies! Well that is […]

Pork Tourtière

My hubby has been craving Aussie sausage rolls for a while so I was all set to make it for him, had the puff pastry thawing and the pork mince all ready, but my Canadian roots took over and a bit of laziness and decided on Tourtière.  This is a meat pie that originates from Quebec […]

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

I cannot call these fresh spring rolls authentically Vietnamese as the main ingredient is Portuguese!  We had a plethora of pork bifanas leftover from a cottage weekend barbeque.  Bifanas is Portuguese pork cutlets usually served on a bun with sauteed onions and or peppers. There was some luscious mint waiting to be picked from my garden […]

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