Inarizushi (Sushi Rice Balls in Deep-fried Tofu Pouches)

Today I am excited to share with you an Inarizushi recipe and this post is dedicated to our little soccer champ, Bunny!  My grandmother used to have an abundant of these at every family gathering! They were always perfect tasting and perfect looking!  I don’t know how she ever did it, always consistent! She was tough and […]

Butternut Squash Risotto Cakes

How are you doing?  Is everyone out there feeling the same pre-holiday panic that I am?  Christmas is around the corner, vacation is less than 1 week away, I am feeling under the weather and anxiety is setting in.  There is no time to slow down, just need to push through and battle through this […]

Jamaican Stew Beef

There is a local restaurant in our neighbourhood called Albert’s and it is pretty famous in Toronto for its tasty Jamaican fare.  It’s been around for a very long time!  The Stew Beef, Chicken Roti and Oxtongue soup are some of the favourites.  Whenever I walk by that corner block, all I can smell is […]

Butter Chicken

Put your hand up, if you like Butter Chicken as much as we do!!!  It is so hard to get a photo of this Butter Chicken because it disappears so QUICKLY!  I keep making it and make extra hoping that there will be extra so I can take a really great snap and enjoy it […]

Salmon Shimeji Mushroom Rice (Takikomi Gohan)

Takikomi gohan is a Japanese rice dish that is seasoned with dashi (Japanese fish stock), soy sauce, sake, vegetables, meat or fish and steamed in one pot. All the ingredients are cooked with the rice so the flavours of the ingredients are absorbed by the rice.  This is incredibly easy, healthy and delicious! I used a […]

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