Happy Thanksgiving

The weather is gorgeous and Thanksgiving is here!  Wishing you all the best weekend and some special quality time with your friends and family!  It is such a wonderful tradition, taking in Autumn, eating and most of all appreciating your loved ones and the goodness in our lives.  I am so very thankful for the family […]

Thanksgiving and Wine tasting

It feels like we just had Thanksgiving!?  Oh wait we have 😉  It is the American side that will be celebrating this week and I would love to join in on the festivities!  I just love Thanksgiving and everything about it.  Sadly it is over here and it is surely feeling a lot more like […]

Fall Friday Thanksgiving Ideas

Fall is now among us and it is time to get out the blankets, sweaters, scarves and warm jackets.  My boys are still desperately trying to wear shorts as they take after their dad and want to live ‘knees exposed’ as long as they can.  It was a brisk 6 degrees Celsius this morning and […]

Engevita Yeast Salad dressing

This has got to be the best salad dressing!  Photos do not do it justice and you just have to trust me and try this yourself!  I am not really a Salad Dressing type of girl!?  I enjoy it, but usually too lazy and drizzle extra-virgin olive oil and sometimes lemon or balsamic vinegar.  THIS I Love!!!! […]

Avocado and Shrimp Salad (Japanese)

June is always a month that just seems to whip by!  I cannot believe that it is over in 3 days!? So much happens and it is all good, but I feel like I can hardly catch a breath! The end of spring, the start of summer, appointments, birthdays, visitors, boys soccer, World Cup Soccer, the end […]

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