Thanksgiving and Wine tasting

It feels like we just had Thanksgiving!?  Oh wait we have 😉  It is the American side that will be celebrating this week and I would love to join in on the festivities!  I just love Thanksgiving and everything about it.  Sadly it is over here and it is surely feeling a lot more like winter with Christmas and the holidays rapidly approaching! The weather has been neurotic and the frigid temperatures have been a downer, but I am still getting out there!  When the sun is shining, it is glorious and you feel so alive! Unfortunately the sun hasn’t been out that much this month, this was a rare day but I guess its quality not quantity.  Will take all the sunshine I can get!

Getting out there

I am busy thinking about Christmas and the holidays already, just not doing much about it.  Anxiety is starting to build!  Got to get that list started and checking it off ASAP as we will be slammed soon, just like a snow storm!  Ready for it, but never ready!  For my American friends out there here are some last-minute recipe ideas for starters, sides, salads, soups and desserts!  They are all easy to whip up and my most popular dishes and of course delicious!  Hope you find some inspiration!

Above the border we have started seeing Christmas decorations around!  Yikes!  Definitely not in my home, however, we are starting to feel the festive spirit! November is a bit of a flat month for us other than our youngest’s birthday, there is very little happening.  Shorter, darker days, leaves falling, trees baring, less sunshine and of course cold, wind, snow and rain! Yes, just another whining Canadian 😉

Festive Spirit

On the positive side, it means more get together’s with friends in cozy warm homes with plenty of good food and wine!  We definitely make up for the lack of colour on the outside and bring it in!  Check out this delicious spread and it was only the starter, more cheese, hot appetizers and a final round of Beef brisket on buns with coleslaw.  Happy Eating Days!   To top it off a whole round of desserts came out!  What a way to start and finish a party!  Our friends are great hosts and they sure know how to present so elegantly.  Some people just have the magic touch!

What a spread

We had a blind red wine tasting!  There are virtually no rules, but to pick a winner “your favourite” wrap it up in aluminum foil so no one knows what the wine is and our gracious hosts ran the rest of the event.  We taste, score and rate each wine and at the end, the totals are calculated and the favourite and least favourite wines are revealed. Always so many surprises, friendly competition and lots of laughs.  A great evening had by all while choosing with the basics, your smell and taste, not just by a label, region or price.  Love this concept so much!

Label-less winesWell surprising, our wine was the favourite!  Brett who likes to win these competitions was truly glowing.  I was pleased, but also a bit embarrassed how happy he was 😉  I did choose this wine ‘blindly’ as my number one, but Brett rated it low so was surprised that it still came out with the top score.  It was a stiff competition, but fun for all.  Australia took first and third with Italy coming in a close second place!

Have you ever had a wine tasting?  Would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments or even what your favourite wine is?  Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the holidays with good food and drinks!

The winners






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